Some cash back deals provide small payments – and some can give you a significant amount of money, so it really pays to check them out every time you go to shop online. Let us help you to find some great cash back deals on your next purchases…

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Cash Back Deals: How they work

Cash back sites are a basically a middle man who can give you a little something back for coming to them. Rather than going direct to someone’s website to buy a product or service, you simply go through a cash back site first – and they’ll give you some free money back for the privilege. Quidco and TopCashback are two of the most popular cash back sites, but there are a number of other alternatives too, some of which offer prize draws and rewards as well as the chance to earn free money.

To benefit, you’ll first need to sign up for a cash back site – check out our content above for some of the latest offers and providers. You then need to visit your site and click through to your chosen retailer. Your journey will then be tracked – via an affiliate link – and any purchases earn you some free money. Essentially, the cash back site gets paid for sending a ‘lead’ through to a site and you get a cut of the cash for being that lead. Everyone’s a winner.

The best cash back sites are big enough to be able to arrange exclusive deals with brands too – so they’re worth keeping a close eye on.