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Student Discounts and Deals: How they work

When it comes to student discounts and deals, there are two types to watch out for. Firstly, there are one-off deals that are exclusively open to students. These might be single use or time-limited voucher codes or links that have a specific offer, introductory deal or promotion that is only open to a student. You might, for example, get cash back when signing up for a new product or service or a set amount of money off your first purchase.

Then there are brands who have a more established discount programme in place for students. This normally takes the form of a specific percentage discount that students can claim on purchases. People offering these student discounts range from restaurants and takeaways to clothing retailers, travel operators and even attractions. While these tend to be in place for a longer time, companies do change their offers from time to time, so it’s important to make yourself aware of the latest student discounts available.

So, whether it’s free cash back to entice you to make a purchase, a product giveaway that’s too good to miss or a long-term student discount with one of your favourite retailers, let us help you to save some money while you’re studying.