Cryptocurrency wallets are an increasingly important asset for many people. These wallets are software programs that act in the same way as the leather pouch in your pocket in that they store your digital currency safely until you’re ready to send and spend it. They’re a little bit more than just a physical wallet though – as these are the key to letting you actually send and receive cryptocurrency – and they don’t actually ‘store’ money in a traditional sense, they actually keep a record of your blockchain transactions (but the principle is the same).

Some cryptocurrencies come with their own wallet – and you might naturally gravitate towards those – but other crypto wallets allow you to store several currencies in one place. You’ll normally need a certain type of wallet to be able to send and receive a specific cryptocurrency though, eg Bitcoin to a Bitcoin wallet.

So, which are the best wallets available in 2020? We take a look at some of the options to consider – focussing on the free choices on the market. After all, we’re all about ensuring you can maximise your money in every format, so why spend if you don’t have to? Some of these wallets even allow you to earn free cryptocurrency too.

The 10 best crypto wallets

Here’s our rundown of ten of the best crypto wallets available to use right now:

SoFi – a beginners’ crypto wallet with a Bitcoin bonus

SoFi is a great platform to use if you’re new to cryptocurrencies and you’re able to use your crypto wallet to buy and sell pretty easily. It’s free to download and there’s a good free money offer to look out for – with a $25 Bitcoin bonus when you make your first crypto trade of $10 or more. It supports Ethereum and Litecoin as well as Bitcoin.

Guarda Wallet – user-friendly wallet that support many cryptocurrencies

Guarda Wallet is a free crypto wallet that is simple to use, secure and supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether and hundreds of other assets, making it a great all-rounder. There’s an opportunity to earn free crypto here too through staking coins (or holding them in your account like a deposit).

Atomic Wallet – a popular and secure crypto wallet

Atomic Wallet has been downloaded by more than 500,000 people worldwide and lets you manage Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and more than 300 other coins. It also gives you the chance to earn cash back when you use its exchange service.

Edge – a mobile-friendly crypto wallet choice

Edge is a great crypto wallet for people who want to solely manage their assets on their mobile. It allows you to manage all of your assets in one user-friendly app, letting you buy, store and trade Bitcoin, Ethereum and many others.


Exodus – add apps for extra value

Exodus works on desktops and on mobile, with the option to add apps that make it simple to earn interest on your cryptocurrency assets as well as place bets on sports games.


eToro Wallet – safe, trusted and simple to use

eToro Wallet is a safe choice, from the trusted eToro brand. It offers you the chance to change more than 500 crypto pairs for other crypto assets within your wallet, without needing to move them anywhere else.


Coinbase – a popular wallet with chance to earnמוז free crypto

Coinbase offers an easy-to-use platform, where you can pay friends and not complicated addresses. You can even take the opportunity to earn free money here too – answer questions, solve bounties and join in with communities and be paid in cryptocurrency for your time.


Robinhood – a wallet and exchange that’s free to use

Robinhood is a wallet and an exchange all rolled in to one, so you can store and trade from here. It’s free to use, good for mobile and web users and supports Bitcoin and six other major cryptocurrencies currently.

How to spot the best crypto wallets

The above list covers some of the best crypto wallets right now, but the great thing about this market is that there are always new companies trying new things. If you’re looking for a wallet – either on that list or a different one that you’ve come across – then here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • What do you want to do with your crypto wallet? Do you want to buy and sell regularly? Do you use crypto as a long term investment? Do you want to send payments to friends, family and businesses? Consider what you need – and then make sure your chosen wallet can offer this.
  • How much of an expert are you? Some wallets are perfect for beginners – with the sort of user-friendly design you’ll need when you’re finding your feet. If you’re an expert, however, you might need extra functions and access to a greater level of detail.
  • Can you earn free crypto? We know that Free Money readers like to look for free crypto deals – and some wallets have offers that can help you to do this.
  • How secure is the wallet? Security is paramount when it comes to your money. Check what features your wallet offers. Two factor authentication, for example, can make it harder for people to get access to your details. You can also check where your private key will be stored and whether or not the wallet has suffered security breaches in the past.
  • Which currencies does it support? There are now lots of cryptocurrencies to look out for – make sure yours is supported by your chosen wallet.
  • What reputation does the wallet have? Many wallets have been used by thousands of users across the world – see what they say about their experiences before you make your decision. Check out the companies behind them too – many have accumulated a lot of experience and expertise in this field and using a name you trust is a smart idea.
  • How much does it cost? While some crypto wallets are free to download, there are likely to be costs involved in terms of fees. Be sure that you know what these are – and which you’re likely to incur with your activity.

Once you’ve picked your preferred crypto wallet, don’t forget to check out our other cryptocurrency content for the latest offers and advice.