Want to make some free money? Well, there’s an app for that. Yes, there really is an app for everything these days if you know where to look. We’ve saved you the hassle of scouring the internet for inspiration and collected this list of great apps that help you to make money from your phone.



Swagbucks is a well-established free money website (with an accompanying app) that combines a couple of key online techniques for making free money. 


Users earn Swagbucks – or SBs – for completing simple tasks online such as watching videos, carrying out web searches or filling in online surveys. Once users have accumulated enough points, they can exchange them for gift cards with retailers such as Amazon or receive cash back from PayPal.


Swagbucks also runs a cashback site in which you can get payment in SBs for shopping through affiliate links.

Pocket Bounty


Like Swagbucks, Pocket Bounty is another all-round free money app that comes with a number of ways to earn cash. These include watching videos, downloading apps and taking up offers – and you can also boost your balance by getting your friends involved.


Again, as with Swagbucks, you can earn Amazon gift cards and PayPal cash payments for your time.



At Free Money, we’re all for filling those spare five minutes we have throughout the day with activities that can bring in a little bit of extra money. Spare5 does just that, providing you with a series of short tasks – some that take just a few seconds to complete. 


Tasks include annotating and captioning images, helping to give human insight for new apps and technology. That also means you get to make money while having the chance to make a difference and do your small bit to aid innovation.


There’s the chance to earn money every week and while some tasks don’t pay a lot, it’s a fun way to get a regular source of cash.



These days a large number of us walk around with a high-quality camera in our pockets thanks to our smartphone. So why not put it to good use and make money from your phone? 


You can do that with FOAP. This is a service where brands are supplied with tailor-made imagery for their content needs – and this provides an opportunity for photographers to help to service them.


Download the app and upload pictures and videos. As and when they’re used, you’ll be paid – earning a 50/50 cut with FOAP. There are also ‘missions’ posted, giving you a specific brief that you can follow.



Got a wallet or purse full of old receipts? Don’t throw them away – there’s free money to be had from sharing details of your spending thanks to Shoppix.


Once you’ve downloaded the app you simply need to create a profile and upload your receipts to collect tokens which can be swapped for vouchers or cash. There’s also the chance to complete surveys to earn more tokens.


The data will be used anonymously by market research companies who analyse spending habits. 


An alternative is Receipt Hog, which allows you to earn coins that can buy vouchers or spins on a slot machine game.



While it is possible to earn money from your opinions by filling in online surveys, Voxpopme offers a neat twist on the concept by giving you the chance to upload short videos with your take on a topic.


The app provides a live stream of questions that brands are looking for answers on. You then use your phone to film a short clip with your answer and upload it for a cash reward. 


You can receive your earnings direct into a PayPal account.

Powr of You


You’re probably already browsing the web and checking social media regularly every day – so how about a free money app that pays you just for going about your usual routine?


Powr of You allows you to securely share the data you generate from your online activities – paying you for the privilege out of the money it gets paid by research companies to access it. Since companies are always keen to get a thorough understanding of users’ behaviour, there’s a market for the sort of insight your data can provide.


You won’t need to change a thing – although the app will provide productivity insights for you so that you can see where you spend your time online.



Sweatcoin allows you to get paid to walk – a great way to bring in some free money when you’re out and about, whether that’s going to work or heading off for a leisurely stroll in the countryside.


The more you walk, the more you earn – so it’s good for encouraging you to be healthy too – and sweatcoins can be exchanged for a range of products, services and experiences through the apps’ commercial partners.



Task360 is geared towards Apple devices and allows its clients to collect the data and information they need by paying people to get it for them.


Tasks can include checking information in supermarkets or cinemas, counting products, taking photos or giving opinions. Again, this can be a good way of earning cash from visiting the sorts of places that you’d be going to anyway.


Once you’ve earned £10 you can ‘cash out’ and get the money transferred to your bank account.



Crowdville is a good example of a free money app that can also help you to feel like you’re doing something fun and worthy with your time.


By downloading the app and becoming a ‘crowder’ you’ll get the chance to test new products and services, spot bugs and issues and offer your opinion on how they can be improved. It’s especially interesting if you’re into gadgets and new tech.


The app makes payments every month – and there’s also a chance to form a ‘team’ with your friends and earn even more money together as a group.

This is the best selection of free money apps that you can download in the UK right now. We’re always on the lookout for new apps to help you to make money from your phone – so keep coming back to us and we’ll keep you up to speed.