Are you in a hurry to get going with bitcoin? It’s perhaps easy to see why. Bitcoin surged in price throughout 2020 rising 300% before topping $34,000 for the first time at the start of 2021 – attracting a lot of attention and headlines in the process.


This is a fast paced and fascinating asset with a big future. But, while the price might be a little off putting, it’s worth noting that there are ways to earn fractions of bitcoins for free. These can be a great way to get a bit of free money on the side – or perhaps to kick start your entrance into the world of bitcoin.


Here’s some techniques to learn:



  1. Turn on the taps


Bitcoin faucet sites offer – as the Americanised name suggests – taps that can provide you a steady trickle of Satoshis (0.00000001 bitcoins). They literally pay you for your attention. Why? Well, the more attention they get the more attractive their site is for advertising. So, for helping them to earn more money, you get a cut.


Some of these sites allow you to draw money straight out into your wallet, others require you to use a micropayment service. Either way, even though payments are small the high value of bitcoin means the value of these can soon add up – with free bitcoin to claim every few minutes.


Check out our guide to see three great examples of bitcoin faucets to try.



  1. Win free bitcoin with a game


If you’d prefer something a little more active than simply passively giving your time to a faucet, why not try a game? Many of us love to use our spare time on smartphone games anyway – so why not pick one with a purpose and get some free bitcoin while you’re at it?


Some games reward you with instant bitcoin rewards – others with points or tokens that can be redeemed once you hit a certain number. There are quizzes or arcade-style games to pick from – so there’s bound to be something you’d enjoy.


Want to know where to start? There are three to try in our guide.


  1. Freebies and airdrops


Not all instant free bitcoin comes in this way. Some simply falls into your lap with a giveaway or airdrop.


If you’re new to bitcoin and the world of cryptocurrency you’re probably yet to experience just how passionate its advocates are. Many people are keen to spread its use in order to help digital payment platforms to become a genuine established alternative to normal – or fiat – currencies.


Airdrops are giveaways that distribute instant free cryptocurrency to users in order to spread the word – and usage – of such assets. Sometimes you’ll need to perform a small task – such as following a social media account or filling in a survey – in order to get your free bitcoin.


These airdrops are less common for bitcoin these days because it’s the most popular and widely used of the cryptocurrencies – but it’s worth following influencers on Reddit, Twitter and YouTube and checking out airdrop sites to see what the latest offers are. You’ll find the details of our favourite airdrop sites here.


  1. Refer a friend


There’s another way in which the community aspect of cryptocurrencies comes to the fore – and that’s with affiliate or referral schemes. These involve promoting a cryptocurrency service to a friend with a special URL. If they sign up for the service with this link and use it then you – and they – get some instant free coins as a reward.


There are five examples of this sort of affiliate program in our guide for you to look into.



So, refer a friend, find an airdrop, play a game or just give your attention to the right site