It’s time to boost your cryptocurrency game in 2021. Maybe you’ve been inspired by bitcoin’s incredible price growth over the last year and want to see what all the fuss is about? Or perhaps you want a quick way to get your wallet looking nice and full. That’s where airdrops come in.

As explained in our guide, airdrops are giveaways that encourage more and more people to sign up to cryptocurrencies. They spread adoption and news of the many new cryptocurrency options on the market – and reward those who take up the call with some free money (which is why we love them).

Eight crypto airdrops to look out for now

Ready to get going right away? Here’s some live airdrops that offer free crypto for customers:


The Sandbox

There’s chance to earn 250 SAND tokens as part of this 10,000,000 being given away in this airdrop from The Sandbox. This is a platform that’s perfect for gamers, with the opportunity to build and monetise new gaming experiences – so it might well be a fun one for you to sign up to.

Here’s how to take up the airdrop:

  1. Create an account at CoinMarketCap and Binance, filling in the authentication process.
  2. Go to The Sandbox’s airdrop page and watch all the videos.
  3. Take the quiz and fill in the sign up form to get 250 SAND tokens.



Taps token can be used as payment for the site’s series of casino games. If that’s the sort of thing you like to do online, this could be the airdrop for you. Here’s how to take advantage of the offer

  1. Register for the TapsGame platform (you’ll need to verify your email too).
  2. Join the Telegram Group and its Channel.
  3. Follow TapsGame on Twitter.
  4. Submit Ethereum wallet details to the TapsGame Airdrop Telegram Bot.
  5. Earn 560 TAPSG tokens for everyone who uses your referral link.



CryptoEnter offers a blockchain infrastructure for digital banking services. It’s offering an airdrop of its LION tokens to help promote this – with the chance to earn about $15 worth with some basic tasks and $18 more for some extra steps. There are also giveaways, with the chance to win bonus LION tokens for everyone who takes part.

Here’s how to join in this airdrop:

Basic tasks:

  1. Create an account, verify your details and register for the airdrop.
  2. Invite three friends as part of the referral program.
  3. Join CryptoEnter’s Telegram group and channel.
  4. Follow CryptoEnter on Twitter, like/share the pinned tweet and tag three of your friends.
  5. Like/follow CryptoEnter on Facebook and also like/share the pinned post.
  6. Fill in this form.


Optional extra tasks – that can earn up to $18 more in LION:

  • Follow CryptoEnter on Instagram and like/share the pinned post (for $3 more in LION)
  • Subscribe to CryptoEnter on YouTubeand click the bell (for $3 more)
  • Subscribe to CryptoEnter on Reddit (for $2 more)
  • Get $10 more in LION when you invite seven more friends.
  • Submit all details of the above to the airdrop form.

You’ll also earn commission from referrals too.



SwissBorg has a community-focussed app that helps users to improve their forecasts of the world of cryptocurrency with interactive graphs and easy-to-digest data. Its airdrop gives people the chance to get free bitcoin.

Here’s how to take part in this airdrop:

  1. Download SwissBorg’s app (on iOS or Android).
  2. Register for the service and verify your details.
  3. Predict the price for Bitcoin on the app’s free game and earn a share of $500,000 in Bitcoin.
  4. Collect badges by completing challenges and earn 50 CHSB Tokens when you reach each new level.

You can also share a referral code from the app to earn extra points when your friends take part.



Numio is a company behind a number of payment and storage applications that aim to make life easy for cryptocurrency adopters. Numio Pay allows for the quick and easy sending of money and for in-store purchases – while Numio Vault is a simple to use cryptocurrency wallet. It has teamed up with PhoenixDAO for this airdrop offer – with 500,000 PHNX up for grabs.

Here’s how to take advantage of this crypto giveaway:

  1. Enter your email on this page and click on “Submit”.
  2. You’ll be sent a referral link. Send this to your friends and earn 100 PHNX for each referral. There’s a maximum of 100,000 PHNX available per user.
  3. Each user – and you – will need to download and complete the KYC verification on the Numio App.
  4. The referral program will end when the total pool of 500,000 PHNX is reached.
  5. You and your referrals must complete KYC verification on the Numio APP when it launches.
  6. For more information regarding the airdrop, see this post.



Uhive is a new social network that is airdropping 300 UHIVE tokens to new users who sign up to use it. These tokens can be withdrawn into an ETH wallet.

Here’s how to get them:

  1. Download the Uhive app (links here).
  2. Click ‘I have invite code’ and enter PX7RA6.
  3. Create an account and verify your email.
  4. You will get 300 UHIVE tokens – and 300 more for every referral you make.



Permission has a passion for changing the way payments are made – saying it wants to ‘recognise the value of an individual’s time and data’. It has its own ASK coin and is airdropping 100 ASK as part of this giveaway.

Here’s how to take part:

  1. Visit the sign up page and submit your details.
  2. Verify your mail to receive 100 ASK.
  3. Get a further 100 ASK for each referral you make.



Morpher offers its users a trading platform where they can manage stocks, commodities, forex and cryptocurrencies – with zero fees. It is airdropping its own MPH token with this offer – and your MPH can be used to invest in assets such as Amazon stocks, Bitcoin or even commodities such as gold.

Here’s how to take up the offer:

  1. Visit Morpher’s airdrop page and click the ‘claim your free crypto’ button.
  2. Create a Fortmatic wallet or connect a wallet using Metmask.
  3. Submit and confirm your email address.
  4. Complete the KYC verification process.
  5. Click “Redeem Tokens” in the Morpher dashboard to claim 100 MPH.
  6. There’s also 50 MPH extra for each referral.

Check out our guide for details of sites that publish details of the latest airdrops.